Milk Bottle Refill


We are proud to offer ‘Milk Bottle Refill’ services from our shop at 393 Te Mata Road, Havelock North or from one of two mobile refill trucks.

The idea of ‘Milk Bottle Refill’ is aimed at reducing plastic to look after the environment and to support Origin Earth’s business model of sustainability.

Available at The Origin Earth Cheese Shop, Monday to Saturday, 9.30am - 3pm. We also now offer a drop off and pick-up later service - so you don’t need to wait while we refill your bottles.

Bring in your bottle/s and we will fill with them with cow's milk while you wait - this service is only available for our full-fat cow's milk, at this time, we cannot offer it for our reduced-fat cow's milk.

We have re-fillable 750mL and 1L glass bottles for sale - $5.00 for the bottle plus fill price - see below.

There are also two Mobile We Milk Bottle Refill Trucks - Replenish & Co, servicing Hastings, Havelock North and outlaying areas south of the Clive River and Barefoot Bottles servicing Napier, Taradale an outlaying areas north of the Clive River.

Terms and Conditions

Prices (at The Origin Earth Cheese Shop, please note prices when purchased from a mobile refill truck may differ) and terms and conditions are as follows:
$4.20 per litre bottle of cow milk
$3.20 per litre of cow milk ONLY when you purchase 2L or more.

'Milk Bottle Refill’ is available at The Origin Earth Cheese Shop six (6) days a week ONLY from Monday to Saturday. 

Best Before: The milk will last up to 10 days (assuming your bottle has been thoroughly sanitized prior to being filled) and is stored correctly.

The milk that is available for ‘Milk Bottle Refill’ is fresh milk from the farm on a DAILY basis.

Origin Earth only provides single farm origin milk. This means that all milk comes from a single herd on one of our two dairy farm suppliers. The milk is never mixed and the reason for this is traceability.

The customer is responsible for properly cleaning and sanitizing their own bottle/s before we fill them. We recommend that you use Milton or equivalent. This cleaning process is for your benefit.

Please note: If you use the dishwasher to clean your bottles you need to let them cool down before putting the lid on or it vacuum seals. Also, remember to bring us in cold bottles - you don’t want cold milk going into hot bottles!

You will NOT be able to help yourself to this service. Instead, staff will assist in filling your bottle for you. This is for cleanliness and hygiene reasons.

Before your bottle is filled, staff will clean the inside and outside of the neck of the bottle with an antibacterial wipe. This will prevent contamination during the filling process.

We advise that you store your milk at less than 4°C for maximum shelf life.

Where to buy:

At the Origin Earth Cheese Shop located at the rear of the factory at 393 Te Mata Rd, Havelock North, open six days (Monday to Saturday), 9.30am to 3pm or from one of the mobile refill trucks.

Please contact Sales for volumes above 10 litres.

Nutritional Information (calculated)

Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk.

Serving size: 28g

Average per 100ml serve:
Energy 277kJ
Protein 3.6g
Fat 4.0g
- saturated 2.2g
Carbohydrates 4.7g
Sodium 41mg
Calcium 160mg

Nutritional values vary seasonally