As from next Tuesday (4 December 2018) we can offer you Milk Bottle Refills at various locations around Hastings, Havelock North and outlaying areas. Em in her Replenish & Co Milk Truck will be doing this for us. She is still getting the schedule sorted, but if you want to check one of the TBC spots text her on 027 726 4542. Em is looking forward to meeting you and bringing you our milk.

DAYS                 TIMES                 LOCATION

TUESDAY                   2.30-3.30/4pm             Maraekakaho Hall

 WEDNESDAY            6.30am                        Results Fitness Camp, Brookvale Rd

                                     8.00 -10.00am             Red Bridge Coffee

                                     2.45pm                Haumoana School

Starting 12/12             4.00pm                        Te Awanga Farmers’ Market

THURSDAY               8.00-10.00am             Clive - 4 Square

                                      11.30am-1.00pm          Havelock North - Guthrie Park

                                      2.00-2.30pm               Pukehamoamoa School

                                      2.45pm                        Sherendon School

FRIDAY                       8.00 -10.00am             Hastings - Frimley Park by the Cricket Fields 

                                      11.30am-1.30pm          Clive - Zepplin Café & Ceramics

                                      3.00-5.00pm              Havelock North - Village Green Cafe

SATURDAY                8.30am-12.00pm        Hastings - The Fruit Shop, Pakowhai Rd

                                     12.30-3.00pm             Red Bridge Coffee

SUNDAY          9.00am-3.00pm Hastings - The Fruit Shop, Pakowhai Rd