Bulk Milk & Waste reduction offer Q&A's

Here we have tried to answer the questions you may have but, of course, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Is the bulk milk different to the bottled milk?
No – this is exactly the same milk, just the way you receive it is different – 23L container rather than a 2L bottle.

Is the shelf life of the bulk milk different?
No – as with our bottled milk it will last up to 10 days, if stored correctly. The bulk milk like our bottled milk is fresh milk from the farm daily.

Will the 23L fit in my fridge?
Yes – the container easily fits in a Scope fridge which most of you use.

Will my deliveries change?
No – your delivery day/s remain the same and your deliveries will still come to you on the Origin Earth Milk Truck.

Will I have my own containers?
Yes – your containers will be labelled with your name and are the only containers that you will receive.


How do I know the refilled container is clean?
While we expect you to return the container/s to us clean – we will sanitise and check for cleanliness before refilling and returning to you.

Are the containers easy to clean?
Yes – the containers have a wide opening on the top.

Is it easy to shake/stir the milk?

Yes – the containers have a wide opening on the top. When full it may be easier to stir than shake the milk, but please make sure your stirrer is clean.

Is it easy to decant the milk from the 23L container?

We also have available 2L reusable jugs at wholesale price – it may be easier for your staff to fill these than use the milk straight from the large container.

Is this offer NZ wide?
No – this is for Hawke’s Bay businesses only.

Can I buy Reduced-fat Milk in bulk?
Yes – just ask.