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Farming is an all weather business

Farming is an all weather business

Origin Earth has two supply farms: Plantation Road Dairies and Oakdale Holstein. Both farms are in Central Hawkes Bay.

Both Kevin and Linda Davidson, from Plantation and Grant and Bridget Gibson from Oakdale use farming practices which accentuate the importance of biological soil management in both animal health and welfare and in determining milk quality. Both farms can verify on farm soil management practices and together with dairy shed technology can provide to the levels of traceability and milk quality assurance that Origin Earth requires.

Along with all the usual food label information, our products also include an individual farm identifier and a milk batch number

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Single Farm Origin Milk

Origin Earth products are unique in that they are all crafted from single farm origin milk. 

Single farm origin means that the milk for any one product, fresh bottled milk, yoghurt or cheese comes from a single farm and herd or flock.  Milk from different farms is never mixed. This makes all our products completely traceable. This means we can verify where the raw product was sourced and are able to trace it back to the farm, the paddock and the animals from which it come.


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Rural Delivery Stories

Over the years TVNZ’s Rural Delivery programme has produced a number of stories about us, our farmers and the biological approach to farming – which is what our farmers do. We have listed these stories below and linked them to the Rural Delivery site where you can either watch or read the story.

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A Biological Approach to Improving Soils – May 2014

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Armitage Biological Dairy – June 2010