At Origin Earth we source our cow milk from Hawke’s Bay farmers who farm within an hour of our factory.

All our milk is single-farm origin. This means that the milk for any one batch of milk, yoghurt or cheese comes from a single farm and herd or flock.

We never mix milk from different farms or even from different milking’s, making all our products completely traceable and meaning we can verify where the raw product was sourced and are able to trace it back to the farm, the paddock and the animals from which the milk came.

Our Milk Products:

Fresh Cow's Milk
Reduced-fat Cow's Milk
Chocolate Milk - summer only or to order
‘Milk Bottle Refill' - available Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 3pm
’Mobile Milk Bottle Refill’ - check here to see when the Replenish Truck is near you
Bulk Milk & Waste Reduction Offer - only available to Hawke's Bay businesses
Our Waste Reduction Partners
Sheep Milk