Smoked Sheep Cheddar


Smoked in-house over Manuka the flavour of this cheese is a perfect balance with a rustic refinement. 

We cut our sheep cheddar into segments then cold Manuka smoke it for about three hours before vacuum packing to lock in the smokiness.

Try Smoked Sheep Cheddar with the following foods: sliced crisp apples and pears; segments sweet oranges; spicy sausages such as chorizo; shaved over rocket salad; green olives; shaved over ravioli or tortellini; shaved over just cooked pizza; as part of any antipasto platter.

Try Smoked Sheep Cheddar with the following beverages: fruit forward red wines such as Merlot; fortified wines; dry sherry.

Nutritional Information (calculated)

Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay sheep milk, culture, coagulant, salt. Smoked over Manuka.

Serving size: 28g

Average per serving:
Energy 325kJ
Protein 8.8g
Fat 6.3g
- saturated 4.2g
Carbohydrates 0.05g
Sodium 309mg
Calcium 138mg

Nutritional values vary seasonally


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