camembert-style cheese


The velvety white rind of our cow Camembert-style cheese conceals a buttery yellow centre.

This style of cheese was first made by a farmer, or his wife, in the region of Camembert in Northern France. It is the use of a special culture, Penicillium Candidum, which encourages the growth of the characteristic downy white bloom on the surface of the cheese.

Our Camembert was born out of our desire to produce a New Zealand soft white rind cheese that does not have overwhelming ammonia characteristics. We aim for our cheeses to be ripe right through to the middle, with the resulting cheese having a soft and creamy centre with a white mould that gives just a hint of mushroom flavour.

Treat your Camembert like you would a good red wine – to fully enjoy its full flavour, make sure it is at room temperature when serving.

Try Camembert with the following foods: almond bread; apples; crusty bread; dried fruits; figs; fruit bread; grapes; ham; nectarines; nuts – all kinds; pears; and strawberries.

Try Camembert with the following beverages: sparking white wines and Champagne; full-bodied whites such as Chardonnay; fruity reds such as Pinot Noir; 'sticky' dessert wines such as Botrytis, Riesling or Semillon; fortified wines such as Muscat, port or Tokay; and cider.

NZ Champions of Cheese Awards – Bronze Medal 2016

Manuka Smoked Camembert is a recent addition to our range of cheeses.

Recipes using Origin Earth Camembert-style Cheese

Nutritional Information (calculated)

Ingredients: Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk, cultures, coagulant

Serving size: 20g

Average per 100g:

Energy 1180kJ
Protein 21g
Fat 22.1g
 - saturated 15.8g
Carbohydrates 0.2g
Sodium 340mg
Calcium 540mg

Nutritional values vary seasonally


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